Wandering Around Germany: Leipzig and Dresden

Leipzig and Dresden are two cities I wish I’d had more time in (although I suppose I could say that about every place we visited in Germany). People have told me there is a different “vibe” in former East German cities and I definitely sensed that, although it’s hard to put your finger on ifContinue reading “Wandering Around Germany: Leipzig and Dresden”

Memorial Day Musings

As we celebrate the memory of our fallen soldiers, and in so doing also acknowledge the many veterans among us, I felt it was time to share a little bit of my story and why I personally appreciate them so much. Of course, we all do. Without them, where would this country be? In aContinue reading “Memorial Day Musings”

Hannah and Friedrich

Hannah stood at the train station, her arms wrapped tightly around her husband Friedrich’s waist. Her tears darkened the olive-drab of his uniform shirt, and she worried that he’d be embarrassed, but as she tried to move her head away he pulled her closer, one hand on the back of her head, pressing her wetContinue reading “Hannah and Friedrich”