Gott Mit Uns Book 1
SANI: The German Medic

It’s 1938. Tired of a life without adventure, German-American Frederick Smith leaves everything he’s ever known to return to his ancestral homeland. What he finds is a nation that is overrun by militarism and hatred.

Though he tries to remain uninvolved in the terror that surrounds him, his thirst for adventure and friendship draws him into service in the army of the Third Reich. As a medic, or Sani, he is a non-combatant, but when war breaks out, the actions of his comrades challenge him to question whether he can truly stand on his own beliefs.

Faced with inner conflict and the constant death that surrounds him, he relinquishes his life to Jesus Christ and is soon called upon to do much more than bandage wounds and try to bring soldiers comfort in their dying moments. Throughout the next five years of war, Frederick sees clearly how Gott Mit Uns holds true for those who stand for righteousness amidst great evil.

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