About Aubrey

As a child, one of Aubrey’s favorite activities was stapling paper together into little books in which she would then write and illustrate stories. Eventually she graduated to notebooks, but as a teen the love for writing began to die away. Many things, including friends, work, school, and music, took the place of writing. With the exception of too much time spent wording and rewording e-mails, writing was relegated to coursework. The creative and enjoyable aspect of the written word was simply gone.

Music continued to play a major role in her life, and at 19 Aubrey began to get involved in various church worship ministries, and even enjoyed playing in a local band for a few years. It was also around this time that God brought her together with Brian, the man she would eventually marry and have three children with. They became best friends, and are to this day. Together, they enjoy hiking and, when possible, traveling. Brian is a software engineer who also enjoys music and plays bass guitar in a local Christian outreach band.

The love for the written word came back into Aubrey’s life gradually, first as a reader and then, abruptly in March 2021, as a writer. Sometimes, God just taps us on the shoulder with a great idea that we cannot resist, and that is precisely what happened. It was as if He said, “I have an idea for you. Can you make the time to write it?” In spite of homeschooling and ministry commitments, the idea was indeed irresistible. It was as if the interests that had always been there finally had an outlet, after being sidelined for many years. Now it was time to create characters, dive into historical research and watch their lives unfold. Only three months later, after many late nights, many early mornings, and of course, many prayers, Sani was independently published on June 7th, Aubrey’s 41st birthday (although Amazon officially records the date as June 6th!).

Enjoy looking around the site. On the Books page, you can click on the cover images to read the first few chapters of Sani: The German Medic and The Prodigal Sons for free. Be sure to check out the Blog page as well. You can sign up specifically for blog updates, or use the Newsletter link to sign up for Aubrey’s official mailing list, which comes to your inbox once a month and will keep you updated on future writing projects and promotions.

Thank you for your interest in Aubrey’s work!

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