Characters Part 4: An Open Letter About My Character Christian

This post explains my personal feelings about topics addressed in my upcoming release, The Christmas We Both Needed. If you have followed me or supported my work in the last two years, I hope you will give it a read.

Characters Part 3: Seeking Forgiveness with Herta Schmidt

Yesterday morning, on Mother’s Day, I woke up thinking about Herta Schmidt. She is a minor character in the Gott Mit Uns Series, yet her role in The Prodigal Sons is significant. She is the grandmother of main character, Jakob Schmidt, as a result of her husband Bernhardt’s continual lengthy absences, the matriarch of theContinue reading “Characters Part 3: Seeking Forgiveness with Herta Schmidt”

What Do We Do With Our Pain?

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living!”—Psalm 27:13 (ESV) Perhaps you’ve read the Bible story about Job. He was a godly man who was taken through horrible, seemingly inexplicable suffering. Yet in the end, he not only received much more than he’d had before,Continue reading “What Do We Do With Our Pain?”

Wandering Around Germany: Leipzig and Dresden

Leipzig and Dresden are two cities I wish I’d had more time in (although I suppose I could say that about every place we visited in Germany). People have told me there is a different “vibe” in former East German cities and I definitely sensed that, although it’s hard to put your finger on ifContinue reading “Wandering Around Germany: Leipzig and Dresden”

Good Friday

As I sit at my computer, my hand is swollen and typing is uncomfortable. After lecturing my kids about the far-reaching consequences of sin and stupid choices, I am bearing the brunt of my own. For someone like me, who spent years struggling to make decisions simply out of fear of making the wrong one,Continue reading “Good Friday”

Devotionals for the Heart: Why we should go where God leads us

This is my latest offering on Author Alexis Goring’s devotional blog, Devotionals for the Heart:

An interview with Jakob Schmidt from The Prodigal Sons by Aubrey Taylor

Originally posted on Novel PASTimes:
Welcome to Novel PASTimes! We are pleased you stopped by today. Thank you for having me. Tell me about your name, Jakob.? I don’t actually like to be called Jakob. It was given to me at Christening, but my full name is Jakob Helmuth Wilhelm Schmidt, and these days my…

Characters Part 1: Helping Us Understand Ourselves and Others

People who read fiction often talk about how connected they feel to a certain character, how they experienced the character’s joy and pain, or how sad they were when the story ended. The Bible is not meant to be read as a work of fiction: it is historical and spiritual… and it is not necessarilyContinue reading “Characters Part 1: Helping Us Understand Ourselves and Others”