Wandering Around Germany: Wachenheim an der Weinstraße

Confession time: Anyone else feel like it’s a bear to try to scroll thru pictures on your phone? Since there are so many images from our three weeks in Germany, I decided to work on one piece at a time. Today, a little glimpse into the ancestral aspect of our journey. It actually started the day we landed in Frankfurt, because I do have ancestors from that city… Last name Kniss (Knise) if anyone is interested. It’s harder to feel a connection in those big cities, but I did find one quote that I appreciated:

I think I would fit in just fine!

Next on our ancestry tour was Wachenheim an der Weinstraße. This is in the wine region of the German state of Rhineland-Pfalz. From what I was able to determine via Ancestry and a valuable piece of family documentation, my husband’s ancestors, Philipp and Katharina (Mueller) Muenster, lived here, along with their son Friedrich (Frederick, who came to America) and other children. This is a beautiful town, like many we passed through in this region.

Wachenheim’s location in Southwest Germany.
St. George Church. Apparently, in 1707, the church was partitioned, the nave was given to the Protestants and the chancel was given to the Catholics. Interesting, rather than forcing individuals of either tradition to submit to the decree of the ruler (which is what often happened in German-speaking lands at the time).
The inside of the little church. It’s very possible that this is very church my husband’s ancestors would have attended. All the wood in the upper left hand corner would have been hand carved by a master craftsman. I happened to see a post by this master craftsman’s descendant on Instagram, and that is how I learned the facts above. Social media is good for some things!
Idyllic little German street.
The Schloss Wachenheim. A historic winery and the only place that was open in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. Excellent Flammkuchen!
If you look at the center of the picture, far to the back, you will see some beach chairs, there for people to relax in the afternoon sunshine and enjoy a glass of local wine.
We ordered one sweet, and one savory Flammkuchen. Both were quickly devoured.
Do not dream {away} your life, live your dream!
Leaving the restaurant
A pretty garden gate
Mehr wandeln…
Cruising through the rest of the town before continuing our journey 🚗

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